Monophyly of the subgenus Leptempis, and description of seven new species of the Empis (Leptempis) rustica-group (Diptera: Empididae).

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1999
Authors:C. Daugeron
Journal:European Journal of Entomology
Start Page:439
Date Published:12/1999
Keywords:Diptera, Empididae, Empis, Leptempis, Leptempis rustica-group, monophyly, new species, phylogeny, Taxonomy

The monophyly of the subgenus Leptempis Collin of the genus Empis L. is established on the basis of a male hypopygial character, and the possibility of a close relationship between the subgenera Leptempis Collin, Planempis Frey and Kritempis Collin is discussed. Seven new species belonging to Empis (Leptempis) rustica-group are described from France, Germany, Greece and Spain: E. (L.) abdominalis sp. n., E. (L.) lamellata sp. n., E. (L.) multispina sp. n., E. (L.) pandellei sp. n., E. (L.) lamellimmanis sp. n., E. (L.) sinuosa sp. n. and E. (L.) trunca sp. n. A key to the E. (L.) rustica-group is presented.

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