Review of the Afrotropical subgenus Disneyempis (Diptera: Empididae).

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2000
Authors:C. Daugeron
Journal:European Journal of Entomology
Start Page:119
Keywords:Afrotropic, Disneyempis, Empididae, Empidinae, Empidoidea, Empis, Leptempis rustica-group, monophyly, new species, phylogeny, Taxonomy

The Afrotropical subgenus Disneyempis Smith of the genus Empis L. is redescribed and redefined on the basis of three synapomorphies, namely labrum lengthened, male eyes more or less broadly separated on frons with all ommatidia of equal size, female abdomen with bluish to purplish metallic reflections on terga 2–5. At present, the subgenus comprises six species: E. (D.) hirsutipennis Smith as type species, E. (D.) jacksoni Smith, E. (D.) argentea sp, n., E. (D.) spinifemorata sp. n., E. (D.) proboprocera sp. n. and one unnamed species E. (D.) sp. 1. All species are described [except E. (D.) sp. 1] and keyed. The subgenus has a tropical African geographical range including Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire), Republic of Congo and Gabon.

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